Mark grew up playing pinball and video games on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey. Ocean City had Blue Laws - laws that prohibited certain businesses from being open on Sundays - so the local arcade opened at 12:01 AM Monday morning and from time to time, Mark could be found waiting for the doors to open.

Freshman year in college, at CU Boulder, Mark had studied hard for his Chemistry final and took some time to wind down before going to take the test by playing Black Knight 2000 at the UMC (University Memorial Center, it's what the student center is called). Mark had a hell of day on that machine and played several games and had racked up many free credits by the time he realized he was late for him Chem final. Oops.

Fast forward to 2014, "My daughter came home from the last day of sixth grade and told me about the new pinball arcade that had opened in town that everyone was talking about. I assumed it had coordinated its opening with last day of school but found out it had actually been open for weeks- I had missed WEEKS of playing pinball!" Mark started hanging around quite a bit to the point that when Steve first met Mark's wife Carolyn, he remarked, "I've never met a pinball widow before". And when Mark went on vacation, he felt compelled to let Steve know not to worry, that business would pick up again in a couple weeks when he got back.

Mark joined the inaugural pinball league and came in second (losing in the finals to a guy with a broken arm. Thanks, Jeremy). Mark did take first place in the next league but as word got out, more and more good players showed up for subsequent leagues and he hasn't placed that high since. "Just like with guitar, I get reminded once in a while that there are people out there who are better than me."