Silent Disco : 70s, 80s, & 90s Dance Party

For this first time ever, we’re hosting a silent disco at Tilt!

Silent discos are the newest trend in dance parties. Each guest has their own set of headphones with 3 different channels of music to choose from and their own volume control.  Each channel has its own color, this interactive experience allows the DJs to battle for audience and puts the control in your hands. Soon the hysteria begins as guests get down to different beats at the same time.

“A surreal party where the music is pumped through wireless headphones instead of speakers, a crazy sight and even crazier to partipcate in”

Join us as we’ll take you through a party time machine with classic hits from the 70s, 80s, & 90s by DJ Em & special guests.

Come dressed in your favorite decade – there will be prizes for Best Costume for each era.

Tickets are $15 and include admission, headphone rental, and of course glowsticks!

“Silent Discos Let You Dance to Your Own Beat” New York Times

“It was hysterical watching one friend dancing to a slow song whilst the other was bouncing to a crazy beat at the same time – you can’t help but laugh”

Limited Tickets ON SALE NOW





You are invited to the Tilt Academy Awards

Direct or Act  – It’s your turn to star!

Cocktail Dress to Impress

Red Carpet, Photographer & Champagne on Arrival

Light Snacks

Over 21 only




MOVIE SPOOF: Submit by Feb, 26th a 2-3 minute movies spoof or original film for consideration by the Academy! See Rules of Entry below for more information. On the dropbox link below there are some example clips to inspire you. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9obfwpp7qg7s430/AABYxjR9SAKzxZ0rfdsphK_ba?dl=0

MOVIEOKE: Voice the dialogue from your  favorite classic movie scene live at the party. Clips will be available in advance along with sign up sheet. Watch this space for Movieoke announcements soon.

MOVIE TRIVIA: Team up and test your movie knowledge

90th OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Oscar Ballots for the 90th Annual Oscar Nomination

Fun Tilt Prizes for each category.

 Any questions please email events@TiltPinball.CO

Here are the rules for the video submission

  1. Submit a spoof of any movie or an original film.  Spoofs aren’t limited to current films or Oscar nominated films.
  2. You don’t need to have a highly polished and produced video to receive an award.  If you are a video expert, feel free to show off your skills, but content is valued over production.
  3. Please keep your video to about 1-3 minutes-ish in length.
  4. Shoot in a minimum of 1080p, 60 fps (your I-phone should be capable)- we may be showing your video on the big screen!
  5. The event is for adults only.  Crude humor is OK, but please don’t submit any material that is hugely inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, defamatory, slanderous or libelous.  The video must not contain material that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on age, disability, gender, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation.  Please, please don’t do something disgusting that we can’t un-see.
  6. Tilt reserves the right to reject any video which, in our sole discretion, is in appropriate for our venue or audience.   Anyone submitting a video of their kids doing a scene from Frozen will be banned for life.
  7. No Celine Deion background music.
  8. All videos become the property of Tilt Events.
  9. All participants in the video must understand and agree that the video may be shared publicly via social media and other online platforms. All children in the video must have permission from their parents or legal guardians.
  10. The video must not contain material that is unlawful, in violation of, or contrary to the laws or regulations in any state where the video is created.  Please don’t do anything dangerous or stupid, or where the video is preceded by someone yelling “hold my beer and watch this…”.
  11. Please upload your videos by no later than midnight, February 28 to allow the Academy time to consider your film.  Submit videos to the Tilt Drop box at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9obfwpp7qg7s430/AABYxjR9SAKzxZ0rfdsphK_ba?dl=0
  12. We will be showing the best films during the Tilt Oscars Party on Friday, March 2.
  13. All participants submitting a video must purchase a ticket in order to attend the event.   You don’t absolutely have to be present to win, but what fun would that be?  You’ll miss your chance to make your acceptance speech and grab your trophy.
  14. By submitting a video you are expressly agreeing to these terms.